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Crosshaft Arm Steel T/AD - 7/8-48 Spline

This crosshaft arm has been revised from aluminum to steel and re-designed as a fork style arm to make the arm stronger to withstand the higher leverage required in alcohol applications . Adjusting holes are 1/4" i.d. and can be drilled out to 5/16" if needed.

Crosshaft Arm T/F - 7/8-48 Spline

The M-144-B is a bellhousing crosshaft arm that is pocketed out to be light weight. Made from .500 6061 aluminum.

Crosshaft Arm HD - Long - 7/8-48- Spline

The M-144-E is a long bellhousing crosshaft arm for a 9.4 deep bellhousing. Made from .500 6061 aluminum.

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